Financial Due Diligence and Transaction Services


As ERG+Partners, we offer high quality transaction support on both the buy and sell side deals, with our experience in over 100 Financial Due Diligence studies conducted in a variety of sectors.

Financial Due Diligence includes examining and analyzing important parameters that directly affect company valuation, such as EBITDA, net working capital and net indebtedness. It also enables the analysis of the factors behind the target company's past financial performance and the identification of issues that could potentially pose a risk to the investor.

Acquirer Party Financial Due Diligence

Having worked with numerous leading local and international Private Equity Funds, Venture Capital Funds and strategic investors, our team understands the perspectives and needs of investors and carries out high-quality projects. In addition, we respond to the processing and sector-specific analysis demands of investors with our flexible working approach and our fast and dynamic structure.

Seller-Party Financial Due Diligence

We provide top quality "Vendor Assist" and "Vendor Due Diligence" services for shareholders who want to maximize sales valuation and design a competitive share selling process involving multiple investors.

With these services, we support the pre-determination of important points that may affect the valuation of the company during the share sale process, the identification of issues that may be a risk factor for potential investors and taking precautionary measures regarding these issues.

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