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Correct management of risks originating from Information Technologies; organizations must establish a strong information systems infrastructure that will support their processes effectively and develop this infrastructure in a way that can turn it into a competitive advantage.


In today's conditions, companies need to review their business practices and find effective solutions with international certifications in order to keep up with the ever-increasing and renewed customer demands, to maintain their competitive advantage, to increase the efficiency of business methods or to fulfill the requirements of the legislation.

As ERG+Partners, with our certification and consultancy services, we provide companies with an effective system installation and operation that they can continuously implement in terms of operational efficiency and compliance.

Our service areas within the scope of ISO Management Systems:

  • ISO 27001 – Information Security Management System

  • ISO 22301 – Business Continuity Management System

  • ISO 20000 – Information Technologies Management System

  • ISO 31000 – Enterprise Risk Management System

  • ISO 37001 – Anti-Corruption Management System

  • ISO 55001 – Asset Management System

  • ISO 55001 – Asset Management System

  • ISO 9001 – Quality Management Systems

Information Security Services

Penetration Test

As organizations invest in technology, the need to provide assurance to control technology-related risks and prevent losses increases..

Penetration Testing is the process of searching for vulnerabilities legally and with permission in order to ensure the security of an organization's system. Network infrastructures, hardware, software and applications owned by organizations; It gives information about how safe it is against attacks from inside or outside. In this way, the weak points of the system are detected and even an "attack" is organized to determine whether the system is vulnerable to a real "hacker attack".

As ERG+Partners, we provide support to companies to identify risks in all processes and systems of your organization and to take necessary precautions.

  • Online Penetration Tests

  • Penetration Tests Performed Within the Local Network

  • Web Application Penetration Tests

  • Mobile Application Security Tests

  • DoS/DDoS Test

  • Social Engineering Test

  • Social Engineering Test

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